Easy Healthy Dinner Idea - Chicken Veggie Egg Rice

This is one of my favourite dishes, the yummiest part is that the egg yolk became the sauce for the rice. Let's see how I make it. 

Ingredient (for 1 person) 
1 egg
1 cup of Kale
1 cup of Spinach
2 carrot
Half onion
100g Chicken
3 tbsp Sweet and Sour Sauce 
Half cup of rice

1) Wash the rice, add 1 cup of water and put it to the rice cooker until it's cooked. 
2) Add the sweet and sour sauce into the chicken, wait for 5 minutes before put it to the pan with medium heat to cook for 10 minutes (until it is fully cooked). 
3) Chopped onion, carrot and add it to another pan to cook for 5 minutes before adding Kale and spinach. Cook it for another 5 minutes.
4) Crack the egg and cook it in another pan for 5 minutes. 
5) Once the rice is ready, place it in a bowl, add the cooked chicken and veggie on top and add the egg at last. 


  1. Ohh this sounds like such a delicious meal, and so easy to prepare! Thanks for sharing. <3


    1. Yes.. very easy and quick! I love it! :)

  2. Looks really interesting and delicious! :)xx

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