Easy Healthy Snack Recipe - Almond Butter Oat Ball

Are you hungry at tea time, but don't fancy eating chocolate? How about getting your own snack with no sugar but taste a lot better than candy? Here below is a simple and quick healthy Almond Butter Oat Ball recipe which won't take you too long for preparation.

100g Oat
20g   Mixed Nuts (or 10g walnuts +10g almonds)
50g   Fruit Mix (or 50g raisins)
170g Almond Butter 
6tsp   Honey

1) Mix everything in a mixing bowel.
2) Pick up small amount of mixture and roll it like a ball.
3) Put in the refrigerator for an hour.

This recipe is super simple and easy, you don't even need a food blender. All you need is just a scale. Let me know if you try it and feel free to share with me any other healthy snack recipe!  


  1. I love making balls like these! So easy to make, but so yummy !


    1. agreed Brigita.. after knowing how easy it is to cooke healthy food, I ate less junk food..
      so good for my health! :)

  2. Aaa!! Looks so delicious and Thanks for sharing this Ingredient ^^

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