Five Fun Facts for Living in London

I have been living in the London for a while now and there certain things that I wish I know earlier. I guess it is quite interesting and useful to share this.

1) Always wear clothes with hood outside in January and February It is very windy and cold in the UK in January and February time, it is always good to have a hook on your jacket, so you can put it on when it's windy and cold and you can simply put it off easily when you don't feel like to. Wear a hat is another option, but you will need to hold it when it's hot. Besides, London always showering a little, and people seldom open umbrella as it is not heavy enough to do so,  having a hook on means I can always cover myself with rain as well. Win-win!

2) Wear big warm jacket instead of layering Before I come to the UK, I have bought some heat tech t shirt to keep myself warm. However, I found it is not that useful as there are central heating inside the building. It means it will be very warm inside and very cold outside. It is a very bad idea if I layer myself that I can't put off when I'm hot and sweating inside. It will be wise to just wear a warm jacket outside and keep it with one or two layer on the inside. 

3) Be aware of the shopping centre's opening hour I still remember the first time I come to the UK, I slept until 2 o'clock, wake up, dressing up, spent one and a half hour travelling to the shopping centre, and it was around 4pm. Shops started closing, I didn't even have time to eat before shopping. Once after 5:00, everything was closed and then I used another one and a half hour to travel back. If you are living in London, things would be better, but always good to be aware of the shopping opening hour, this way you can  maximised the shopping trip. 

4) Use of Citymapper I am not a world explorer who very good at travelling everywhere, so it is kinda scary for me to live in a new country with a complicated railway map. Citymapper is my new best friend and my lifesaver. (I have written a blog post to introduce this). Having this app in my phone, I can simply go everywhere now.

5) Do Weekly Planning for food When I am in Hong Kong, I don't understand why people do weekly food planning. I can simply buy food everyday as the supermarket is just around the corner. In London, supermarket might not be "just around the corner", plus you may not always want to go to the supermarket when it is cold and windy outside. It is always good to stock up with food at home. The laziest version is ordering it online, if I order a week of food,  I can definitely get free delivery. Also, weekly plan is the best as the food is still fresh and wouldn't be deteriorated. 

If you are living in the UK or western country, please let me know what else I need to be aware of. I found it is interesting to learn new lifestyle in the country, but it will always be good to know thing better in the first place! Hope you have a nice week ahead! :)


  1. living in london seems like such an adventure
    Stefanie | Casualllyawkward | Bloglovin'

    1. It is indeed! A very fun and memorable adventure.

  2. Great post! Love it!
    Love from www.trangscorner.com {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

    1. Thank you .... Hope you enjoy it and I will keeping some fun idea here! :)

      Hugs!! I love your blog too!