Healthy Lunch Idea - Veggie Noodles

If I am eating alone during lunch time, I used to eat instant noodles. As I don't bother to cook just for myself. I recently really into health diet and actively find some lunch recipe which can be easily cooked. This one only take me 15 minutes, which is as quick as instant noodles. Here is a little recipe for you. 

Ingredient for 1 person 
Half pack of Rice Noodles (from Waltose) 
Half carrot
1 cup of Kale
1 cup of Spinach
half onion
3 cherry tomato
1 tsp of Soya Sauce
Coconut oil

1) Put some coconut oil and chopped onion on the pan with medium heat. Cook it until the onion is golden brown.

2) Place chopped carrot, kale, spinach, cherry tomato into the pan, cover it up and cook for 7 minutes.  Stir it once in a while. 

3) When the vegetable is cooked, add rice noodles into the pan. Add a pinch of salt and 1 tsp of soya sauce. Cook for 3 minutes, add pepper on top, then it can be served.

Little tips: the rice noodles from Waltose are half cooked, so don't over cook the noodles, otherwise the texture will be too soft.