How I make a place a home? Getting started!

I have recently moved to the UK to live for a while and got out own semi-funished apartment. I thought it will be a good idea to invite you to come along with me and see how I build my place a home. 

Getting Started...

To get start building a place a home, I will first need to get some inspiration. I have no way an interior design expert, so I will need to get help form the following way:

Get Some Inspiration From.. 

1) Instagram
If you have follow me on Instagram. You would know how much I obsessed in it. As there are so many beautiful painting, interior design stuff. You can simply type interior and search and this will give you tones of beautiful picture which inspire you on which color tone (pastel, hard, soft) and feeling of your home (rustic, warm, cute, sweet) you want. 

2) Design Magazine
I know there are so many stuff now a day that you can browse in the net. But I always prefer something red on my hand with consistence content that I don't need to think of key words to search or click after once in a  while. Two of the magazine that I truly love is House Beautiful and Goodhomes. It provides me with lots of housing trend idea, what product is available, the prices and tips to decorate my home. It is just brilliant. I also follow them on Facebook, so whenever there is new idea shared from them , it just popped up instantly. 

Choose the Feeling of a Home..
It will be nice to have a warm, cozy and happy feeling home.

Choose the Color Tone..
Pastel (Baby Greeny blue, Pink, Grey) and Rose Gold/Copper

I know it is a little bit greedy. Who wouldn't love a colorful home (which project a happy and joy feelings) but yet soft and cozy (by choosing pastel tone of color)? I love to have a colourful home but don't want to be too loud, so using pastel tone can help soften it a little and give me a warm feeling.

To give a little bit of elegant touch to the home, I would like to add a little bit of rose gold/copper in it. Rose gold/copper is a very good combination with pastel as it is not as strong as gold, it is softened a little which is great match with the feeling of home that I chose. 

With this two basic ideas, it is so easy for me to source the products that I love for my home and wouldn't feel lose. I will start a series of four blog post total introducing some of the homewares that I bought in each shops on how to make my place a home. You will also see lots of stuff that I choose is based on the colour tone and theme that I decided. So, stay tune and enjoy! 

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