How I Make a Place a Home? Homeware Haul ( Debenhams - At Home)

Following my last blogpost about how to get start in making a place a home. It comes to an exciting bit, which is SHOPPING! Who wouldn't fancy doing homeware shopping. One of the best thing in the UK is that their homeware shops are just everywhere. Even retail shop like H&M, Zara or even Primark has their own homeware section! Let's see how crazy I am in the UK homeware shops. 

Suggested Brand: The first shop I browse through is Debenhams. One of the largest homeware shop in the UK. You can also go to John Lewis, BHS, but I just found a corner with a brand called "At Home" with lots of kitchenware that I like. If you fancy pastel color with cute style. This section of Debenhams is definitely a place that you can't missed. 

Top: (Milky green utensil holder / measuring cup)
Middle: (Rabbit bottle / Rabbit salt and pepper holder)
Bottom: (Mixing bow / Kitchen Towel Holder)

Price: To be honest, the homeware stuff is in a high side. Each product as shows above is above 10 pounds (around 12-15 pounds). I have found similar stuff in ASDA, TESCO with much cheaper price and regret not shopping there first! But who wouldn't want all of those cutie little pastel color kitchenware?

Tips:  Shopping at local supermarket first before making any homeware purchase! Silly me. 

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