How I Make a Place a Home? Homeware Haul - Primark

Bargain Choice - Primark: If you are building up your home and is in a budget side, I would highly recommend you to go to Primark's homeware section to have a look. Yes! Primark has a homeware section, I don't know it until I shop around it this time I come to London. Their stuff are so beautiful, they have pastel pinky, purple theme product, they have black and white line product, they have copper product. The product are so bargain and absolutely beautiful. Everytime I go there, I didn't plan to buy anything, but I will end up buying some bits and pieces. Who wouldn't buy when the price is low and the product is so girly-like? 

Top: Pink & Grey Slippers / Red berry & Jasmine Candles
Bottom: Sliver & pink Mug / Peachy pink throws

Sourcing Shop:  All from Primark

Ending of the Series So "How I Make a Place a Home" series has come to an end now. I really enjoy blogging and sharing my homeware haul experience with you.  I feel so happy and excited buying it, I hope you also feel the joy of it or get some ideas or inspiration on how to make a place a home! 

Please let me know what theme color your home is and how you decorate them. Please also recommend any homeware shop that I should go shopping for. I'm sure I still have so many items need to buy.. opps...


  1. I agree that candles and a fuzzy throw can definitely "warm up" a place and make it more personable and cozy. Cute picks!


    1. Athena, yes, I love fuzzy throw.. it's so cozy!!! love it! :)
      Where would you normally buy your homeware?