How I Make A Place A Home? Homeware Haul (Next & Debenhams - PastelBlue)

The Reason for choosing Pastel Blue: To start my "How I Make a Place A Home" series today, I would like add a little bit of colour them on it. I guess I didn't explain why I choose pastel blue in my "Getting Started" post. Let me explain here. As you may know, pink and grey are my wedding color, my husband and I love these color with no doubt and would really love to put it into our new home. The problem is grey is a very mild color, which make it hard to project a happy home. However, give I add too many pink on, it will turn out to be a girly home. To spice up a little, we have chosen a pastel blue which is the color that my husband loves as well and it matches perfectly fine with pink and grey well!

Left to Right on the first photo: Pastel Blue photo frame (5 pounds) / Winnow basket / Baby blue and grey cushions (12 pounds each)

Sourcing Shop: Next 

Left to Right: Pastel Blue Tablecloth (5 pounds each) / Pastel blue plate and cups (3 pounds each) / Plastic Flowers (1 pounds each)

Sourcing Shop: Debenhams and Wilko (for the plastic flowers)