Skincare Review Series - Aveeno Skin Relief Shea Butter

To finish the skincare review series, let's talk about something more comprehensive - whole body care. It is super windy in January and February in the UK. It has no doubt that my skin is completely dry out when I walk outside (i.e hunting a house). Not only my face needs to be protected, my body, hands, legs and my back. Basically, I need to cover my skin up with butter, otherwise, redness grows and I will feel itching all night. 

The reason. As a sensitive skin person, the best way to choose a body lotion is to use those baby can use.  This Aveeno product has triple oat complex formula and is mild, especially designed for sensitive skin and can be used by baby. That's why I would really love to try this out. 

The price is a complete bargain. Only £4.99. Normally, body lotion with this size would be £8.99. If it doesn't work, I can always use this as hand cream only. 

The experience for me to use this lotion is amazing. I previously used a body butter everyday from hand to toe. Ever since I apply this lotion, I feel like I only need to apply lotion every other day. As it's a lotion, it's rich in water and comparatively less in oil. It makes me feel not sticky at all. I don't need wait before wearing any clothes or trousers after applying it. In winter time, I just want to wear my clothes once I dump out of my bath and no need to wait until the cream is dried out. This is such a lovely experience for me. 

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