Skincare Review Series - Clarins Eye Contour Balm Softens Fine Lines

The reason I want to try out Clarins product is that it is a very popular brand which made from France. I have a sentimental feeling toward France (Paris in particular, as my husband proposed to me there). Clarins product is everywhere in the UK. I guess, it has it's reason to be popular, so I try it out. 

The other reason that I hunt for a super restorative eye cream is that my eyes winkles are getting a little clear after I live in the UK, I guess it's due to the windy weather that dehydrate my skin. So, I am actively looking for an eyes cream which can soften the fine lines of my eyes hoping to restore it or stopping it from getting worse. 

The price of this product is £31. I don't really mind to give a little bit more on eye cream as eye winkles are the first thing to tell my age. It worths to give more to preserve it. 

The experience for applying this eye cream is that I still doubt it a little.  I have been using this for more than 3 weeks now, my eyes winkles are still here, but not getting any worse. Although it is rather liquid cream in texture, it's in fact quite oily. I found little oily spot under my eyes recently. I guess this product is very strong in moisturising function. If I apply this eye cream, I will try to avoid my day/night cream covering my eye area. I will keep on using it to see if there is any improvement on the winkles and will keep you posted on this.

If you have any better eye cream recommendation, please don't hesitate to let me know.


  1. Great post! I'm with you on eye creams as well. They're so important.


    1. Hello Birt, may I know what eye cream do you use?
      I'm doing a little bit of research and in an experiment mode right now! :)