What I wear on Valentine's Day!

HappyValentine's Day! I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's day yesterday! I decided to have a break on my Skincare Review Series as I have an even more interesting post I would like to share with you. The interesting topic is what I wear on Valentine's day (from head to toe, from makeup to clothes!). Let's get started. 

Let's talk about Make up...

I would normally go for a natural and happy girly look.

BB Cream: Shiseido Perfect Multi Base BB SPF30.PA++  This base can even my skin tone, however it is not thick enough to cover any of the redness or spot.

Foundation: Shiseido Wet Foundation no 10 I love using this foundation to cover the redness around my nose, the outer corner of my eyes and of course my dark eyes circle. As it is wet in nature, it tends to be quite sticky through out the day and it is doing an amazing job so far. 

Eyebrow Pencil: Shiseido Interate Gracy This pencil is grey in color. I was previously using brown color to match with my eyebrow color, however, it always goes too dark, make my eyebrow too prominant and the whole makeup look not natural at all. I used to spend so many time to brush it out to create a natural look. Now, I found a grey pencil, it's like a highlighter, to highlight the eyebrow. If you want a natural look, try this. Once you try this you won't need any brush anymore. 

Eyeshadow: ByTerry (Frozen Quartz) If you have read my By Terry Cream Eyeshadow blog post you would know how much I love this. It's still going strong. The Frozen Quartz shade can instantly add on the girly feeling into the look. 

Eyeliner: Majolica Linhunter I just use this pen to add a little wing in the outer corner of my eyes. It is so easy to use and I can easily erase it if I found the angle of the wings doesn't match with each other. Perfect for makeup beginner!

Bush: Topshop (Goodgirl) I really love Topshop makeup line. They nearly have all the stuff with decent price and color. This baby pink bush is what I love the most. This match with my scarf color which I would mention later.

Lipstick: Tanya Burr Cosmetics (Picnic in the park) One of the best thing in living in the UK is that I got the chance to try out all UK blogger's beauty product. The first one I bought is this lipstick. It is highly rated from the net and I instantly fall in love with it and become one of my makeup routine item. The color is very naturally girly with little bit of glossy feel (but not too much). I will definitely stock it up when I leave the UK one day. 

Let's talk about What I Wear...

Coat: Topshop This is my Valentine present from my husband. I want a grey coat for so long, this can definitely wear for work or in causal day. Even it is very light, it keeps me warm though the day yesterday which is around 4 degree.

Clothes: Shop in Korea

Scarf: Shop in Mong Kok I really love the colour of it. When all my coat, clothes, shoes are grey and dull, it is always good to add a little bit of colour to brighten up the look. It was like a magic to change everything!

Boot: UGG So warm and cozy!

Legging:  Primark If you can't find any comfy legging, go to Primark! It has different kind of legging (from thin to thick or even with feather inside to keep you warm!) Go check it out!

I hope you enjoy this little post and let me know what you do or what you wear on valentine's day or any date night! Remember to follow me on Facebook as well (the button is just on the right hand corner!). Stay tone for more blog post about Valentine's Day.


  1. Aww I hope that you guys had the best Valentine's Day! Your make-up and outfit looks amazing on you too. I love the pastel pink shades that you incorporated, in to both aspects of clothing and beauty. I'd really like to try that lip shade from Tanya Burr too, but they're always sold out.x

    - www.veebzboo.com
    - www.youtube.com/veebzboo - Valentine’s Day Make-up Look

    1. Tanya Burr lipsticks are so good! If you can't find picnic in the park, perhaps you can try I found Nemo. It is also good! :)