What Is In My UK Healthy Supermarket Basket?

It has been quite a healthy series lately. Let's continuous the healthy spirit and talking more about healthy lifestyle! 

The first day I came to London, I was like "Yeah! I can buy healthy food so much easier in here now!". I always browse though the net and on instagram and find out so many healthy food receipt but the ingredient is so difficult to buy in Hong Kong.  Once I get into the supermarket, I go insanely happy and let share with you what healthy food I have bought!

Almond Butter
If you love peanut butter but you are allergic to it, almond butter is definitely an healthy alternative. You can put it on bread, bagel or even cookies. The texture are similar too. 

I feel like almond butter has a lot less sugar than peanut butter or fruit jam and with less sweet taste as well. 

Wholegrain Bread
For those with yeast allergy, wholegrain bread is your best friend. You can taste bread without worrying about having yeast inside! Absolute pleasure! 

Red Beans
Red bean have lots of nutrition value, especially for lady who are in "one of those day". I will definitely incorporate this into my meal like cook with quinoa. 

A quick tips: If you are not buying canned red beans, you will need to cover it with water overnight, this way, you don't need to cooke for a long time and it still has a hard texture.

Greek Style Natural Yogurt
I initially eat normal yogurt, but I found it too watery and kind of banning the idea of eating yogurt in the morning. But then, I found a greek style yogurt, which  has a thicker texture. This way I can put in my bread, bagel (use like a jam) or put it in cereal. In my previous what I eat in a day post I even use this as source in a burger. That's handy!

Diabetes is  a very common disease nowadays. We should start cutting sugar in our meal. One of the difficult things in Asian country or Hong Kong is that we love eating rice for lunch and dinner. However, rice is high in sugar level. So, I start consider cutting out of rice or at least cutting it down a little by replacing it with quinoa. It provides me with energy equally well, when I mix it with beans, potato with few drops of lemon juice. It tastes absolutely fantastic! 

Any lady fancy keep age as 25? ME! I do! I read a lots of blogpost share by beautiful old lady stating they eat honey every day. I would definitely try it if this just mean putting it in my breakfast, chicken wings or water. Easy!

Pink Salt
I heard many many years that salt are beached and bad for health if eating to many. But we can't live without salt. I recently found this pink salt and notice it is much healthier than the beached white salt! Not to mention the color is so pretty! Why not trying it out?!

If you would like to compare what is in my Hong Kong supermarket basket, please feel free to go to my previous blog  post and have a look! Enjoy!


  1. Great post! :-)


    1. Thanks, NC..

      Please come here more often and I'm sure there is lots more interesting post to come.. :)
      My upcoming post will be about homeware stuff! If you are interested, come around tomorrow!

  2. Wow, I love the idea of an almond butter, that sounds amazing! :) <3 I've never heard of pink salt before... How intriguing! Also, I read great things about honey, too, and I try to have some everyday. Usually in my tea. :) <3


  3. Thanks Kay..
    I like Almond butter, it tastes so good.
    For honey, perhaps you can try to put few drops of lemon juice in the water and add some honey. It tastes so good and can keep your body young as well. :)

  4. I may have to try almond butter, I've been hearing great things about it lately. I love quinoa too! Great list :)
    xo Kiki

    1. Kiki, you have to try it. It tastes really nice and much healthier! :)
      I will have share an almond butter oat ball recipe (as a healthy snack) next week. Stay tone! :)

  5. Love this list! Great post!
    Love from www.trangscorner.com {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}