3 Burger Places to Eat in London

People always talk about Fish and Chips to eat in the U.K. I found burger is one of the other food that impressed me the most in London. There are three burger places we can't miss if we want to try  burger out in London. 

Burger and Lobster: When we talk about burgers, we really have to go to this restaurant. This restaurant is related to the best steak house (Goodman) in England. They don't provide any menu as they sell only 3 dishes (Burger, Lobster and Lobster Roll) with a reasonable prices (around £20). This restaurant is so popular that there is no booking in advance service. If you want to try this out, you will have to go there early as there is always queue outside. 

FGI Friday: What does FGI Friday mean? It means "Thank God It's Friday". As you can tell from the name, it is a restaurant bar, everyone loves going to the bar with friends on Friday in England. The atmosphere is rather relaxed and chilled. I love their Classic American Burger with potato chips. They use chuck steak for tenderness and beef brisket for flavor. The best thing about their burger is that they are all freshly grilled to order and if you are dairy or gluten allergy, you can order a dairy free / gluten free bun too. However, as it is freshly made, you will need to wait a little  bit longer. For me, yummy food is worth to wait. 

Honest Burgers: If you ever go to Oxford Circus for shopping, don't miss eating burgers at Honest Burger. (Fyi, they have 12 branches in the UK at the moment.) The cheese in the burger makes the burger so juicy and yummy. If you can, always order medium rare of the steak, it always tastes much better. Their sweet potato fries are one of my favourite side dishes too. Don't forget to order their home made lemonade. It's very refreshing and tasty! The other good things about eating in Honest Burgers is that you can book a table via phone in advance or you can book a table in person, it has an app which allows you to see your reservation status, so you don't need to queue outside the shop. It's quite convenience!

Please let me know where do you normally eat Burger and I would definately try this out.


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  3. I will be in London next month and I will have to try out one of these!

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    1. Let me know what do you think. :) Hope you like it.

  4. oh gosh, you got me craving for burgers!!

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    1. :) Try this out. You will love it! :)

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