3 Lifestyle Shops You Can't Miss in London

London has a very inspiring culture. Even shops in the shopping center are not just clothes or stationary. There are shops  that would amaze you by selling meaningful products that boost a healthy lifestyle or motivate you to have a better life.  If you are very dull today, and would like to stroll around some interesting shops that promote healthy, motivational lifestyle. Here are some suggestions for you. 

1. Kikki. K is one of my favorite stationary shop in London. There are two shops located in Covert Garden. For me, it is not just a stationary shop, it is a lifestyle shop and there are two areas which I truely love. 

It promotes a positive and motivational life. The most interesting product they sell is inspiration journal (i.e. goals journal, health journal, mindful journal). They are journals which ask you a lot of questions. By answering the questions, it guides you on how to achieve your goals or to a healthy life (depends on which journal you pick). 

It also sells products that help your relationship. There is a product line that relates to wedding. From wedding planning, guest book signing, couple's story journal to anniversary journal. If you have friends just got engaged, the wedding planning would definitely be the perfect gift for them as this just helps to walk them through all the possible things they have to do from budgeting, flowers booking, guest planning etc). I wish I  have an amazing organizer like this when I plan my wedding.

For me (as a married lady), I particular love the "Our Story" and "Anniversary Journal". The former one record the love story. It guides me to records all the memories from the day we first meet, move in together, engaged, we got married to the trip of our honeymoon. My husband finds it so lovely to get back all those memories by filling in the book. I have also secretly bought the anniversary journal which will be one of our activity to do on our wedding anniversary. It is always good to review what we have been up to in last year and write down three things to do in the coming year. It's kind of help with the marriage in some sort.

2. Oliver Bonas is a fashion, jewellery, homeware & gift shop. It sells a lot of gold and colourful products which promote a colorful lifestyle. It also has a section which sell healthy, motivational, mediation book. When you walked around the book section, you can seee the book are cauously selected. It talks about different between man and woman, one happy line in a day or even a recipe book which teach you how to cut sugar in your life. You will find this shop is not just selling products that you need in your life, it sells products that motivate you to improve your life. 

3. Urban Outfitters is a simular to Oliver Bonas, but more on a fashion side. However,  particular love their golden colour and succulent theme homeware, creative book section which sells books to guide you drawing 5 things in a day with particular theme and the stationary section which sells marple phone case. I always feel their creativity and energy for life whenever I step in the shop. 

Comment down below what shop you like shopping and I would like to explore it someday. 


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    1. Yes. If you ever come to London, visit this place and let me know how you think about it.

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