4 Things We Should Do To Have a Better Life

Sometimes we moan about having a bad day and how life can be that shit. Instead of stuck in the depression side, let's do something about it. 

1) Be grateful. Try to think about 5 little things you feel grateful for. Like, you have water to drink when you simply open the tape, you meet an old friends in a coffee shop, you can choose to do whatever you love in your life. Just start keeping a secret journal to write 5 things you appreciate in life (no matter it's big or small). If life has a body, just give it a little hug.

2) Read motivational book.  I mentioned a motivational book called Love your life in my previous post. You don't have to buy the exact same one, or you might have particular one you really like. Grab it and read a few lines to feel the positive vibes whenever you feel down.  This kind of book can remind you the things in your head when you are happy, but kind of forget that when you're angry or upset. This is just a little friend to dust you up and push you forward. I find it quite comforting too. 

3) Help others and love people around you. Love doesn't cost a penny. When you give love to others, you gain love in the process. When you see a little girl with no seat on the train, give your seat to them, she will reply you with a kind smile. Even if she doesn't, it feels so good to do kind things. If you see an old lady needs to pick things up on her own, help her out. Be able to help others and be useful are in fact something that we love to feel inside our heart. Be kind at heart, smile more and you life with just shine like your heart does. 

4) Regular break to slow down your life. It is very common that when things starts from the beginning, it is so bright and good. Things might not turn out the way it is and you feel down and lost. It is always good to give yourself a break, go for a walk, give yourself a mediation or even go for a trip. Get yourself out of the situation, and then think it through again. You may find a new perspective. This will just make life so much better and easier. 


  1. Wonderful post dear! Have a great weekend! xx

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    1. Thanks! Have a nice weekend and good day! :)

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    1. Thanks Tiffany. I love your blog too.