5 Healthy Food You Need For A Better Skin

Besides investing in high-quality skincare, there is another way to take good care of our skin. There are foods particular good for skin, let's start including these foods into our meal. 

1. Almond has powerful antioxidant and moisturising properties.

2. Carrot contains beta-carotene, vitamin A, minerals and antioxidants and is particular beneficial to skin. 

3. Broccoli is high in antioxidants, with high vitamins C and E. The Vitamin C aids in collagen production and helps to maintain skin health. The vitamin E protects skin cell against UV radiation damage. 

4. Cauliflower is also high in antioxidants and helps with anti-aging agents for the skin. 

5. Tomato can help to increase skin protection, reduces in skin redness and less damage from UV exposure. 

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