5 Realistic Tips to Keep Fit In An Easier Way

If you have read my blog for a while, you may note that I'm totally on a healthy mode right now. I have learnt some ways on how to stay healthy and keep fit at the same time and I can't wait to share this with you. 

1) Brush your teeth before 9pm. You may heard from lots of media to tell you not to eat after 9pm if you want to keep fit and stay healthy. Your body wouldn't be able to use up all the food that you consume and end up turn into fat for storage purpose. Brushing teeth before 9pm can totally add a little bit of resistance not to eat because I really don't want to brush my teeth twice at night. 

2) Eat healthy breakfast and lunch in a decent amount, so no need to eat snack afterward. I used to think that eating less can help me get thinner, but I end up growing fatter. This is due to the fact that I am hungry and I need to eat snack. Then, I would regret it. To stop this, I would eat a decent amount of breakfast and lunch, so I don't need to snack before lunch or at tea time. This improves my body weight a lot, as snack in the office may always be not healthy and full of sugar. If you found you are eating a really large portion of food in every meal, don't just cut down your diet immediately, do it slowly and gradually. At the beginning, perhaps you can eat a smaller portion at night time (or cut down carbohydrate) but not at day time. This is due to the fact that you will need a lot of energy for work in day time. Then, you can cut down the portion at day and night time gradually to a decent amount week by week. Your body can adjusted a lot better and wouldn't end up looking for unhealthy snack in between meal and failed the keep fit plan. 

3) Eat healthy. As I prefer to eat three times a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner). There are only three times, so I will be very careful on what I eat. I ensure it can energize my body and is a healthy food. There is no way for me to waste the eating chance on junk food. If I really can't stick to the 3 times eating plan, I would prepare some healthy bites in advance.

4) Show off the part of body that you don't like the most some times, this reminds you how much you don't want to keep this fat. Some people choose to cover the fat on their arm, as it is something that they don't really like. It's sensible to do so. However, I tends to show the part that I don't really like sometimes (like in front of the mirror at home or when I am going to the supermarket alone). Sometimes, when you don't see this, you will forget it even exists and don't bother doing exercise to get rib of it. It will grow to the point where it is so hard to turn it back to the stage you love it to be. (Winter time is always the riskiest time, as most part of the body is covered up). So, show off your body once in a while, or even just remind yourself to look into the mirror after bath time. This can definitely motivate you to stay on with your keep fit plan. 

5) Exercise two to three times a week. I know this might sound not easy, but  you can make it easier by just doing half an hour exercise at home. This will still give you the result. All you need is just a yoga mat and open a pop sugar video. The one thing that I love about pop sugar video is that there are all sort of circus training videos which take you only 5, 10, 30 or 40 minutes. You can choose whatever video that suits your schedule. It's quite handy, if you want to keep fit, I highly recommend you to subscribe them and keep doing it two or three times a week! 


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