5 Things Every Woman Should Do Before She is 30

Different age may do different things in the life. There are always things that we have to do before 20, 30 or even before we die. Here are 5 of the things woman should at least do before she is 30. Once the time is passed, we may go on to the next stage of the life, (like married, pregnant or grow old with winkles), everything is so different by then. So, let's see what interesting things we shall do. 

1. Travel The World: One always said, travel when you are young. It's so true. When we are young, we can have lots of energy and time to physically travel and mentally absorb new things about a completely strange world. If you are living in a hot country, travel to the cold city to feel the different, to learn the culture, to be inspired the ways people live their life. This can widen your knowledge and build up wisdoms to be a more mature grown lady. If you can travel solo, it can even help you to become an independent woman. But, always remember safety come first!  

2. Learn To Do Makeup: Who doesn't want to be pretty? If there is a way that can push your prettiness to the next level, will you try it? I'm sure I will be the first one to queue to learn the trick! The trick is in fact everywhere from online youtube makeup tutorial, one on one makeup course or even just play with the make up items to see what fit us. No matter how flawless our skin are, there may be one of those days we can't sleep and end up with a little bit of dark eye circles around the eyes and need concealer to cover it up. Or there are wedding we need to attend and doing a little bit of make up is a simple way to show our respect. Always have makeup skills in your little magic bag, use it when you have to. You may be surprised by the beautiful result.

3. Start Anti-ageing Skincare Routine: When we are still 20, we only look into the hydrating, whitening skincare products. When we are in the late 20 and before 30, we have to start using  anti-ageing skincare product to preserve the skin to the best 20 years old stage. It's easy to understand, who wouldn't want the skin to stay 25 forever? It's time to slow down the deteriorating process. 

4. Develop A Hobby That You Enjoy: Once we are graduated from school, we may be very busy looking for a job, working really hard and totally forgot about having a hobby that we true love and passion about. Some people may want to wait to enjoy the hobby until they retired. However, if there is something that can make us happy, why not doing it and enjoying it now? You may found that there are lots more interesting things in life than just work and your life can be a lot more fulfilling.

5. Have a Proper Photoshoot: This may sound silly, but it's totally worth it. I'm sure when I grow old, I will love to show some photos to my grandson/granddaughter and want to be proud at that moment. The photos can even be just for my own pretty memories recording. A proper photoshoot is a decent way to freeze the memories of our younger self. It may cost a penny, but the value behind it is worthless.

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