5 Things That Make Me Happy

Following to my previous blogpost about my favourite quote - Do More Of What Makes You Happy. I think it's time to get back to my old 5 Things Series. This series is designed to remind me to notice 5 little things in life that make me happy. We always too busy for life and forgot to feel grateful for the little things that we have. Here are 5 of the little things that amused me lately. 

A Letter Coaster: I found this little letter coaster at Card Galore. It costs £3.99. I have a thing on personalised touch at home. I have bought two of those with little initial signify me and the other one signify my husband. I place it in the cupboard next to the sofa and this instantly makes my place more like our home. 

Energy Ball: I'm currently really into healthy snack and have been trying out so many energy bits recipes. I'm totally obsessed. If you want to understand why am I obsessed, try out this two recipes (Almond & Dates Energy Ball & Almond Butter Oat Ball ). I'm sure you will be in love with these too. 

Post Wedding Photoshoot: My husband had arranged a post wedding photoshoot at our wedding venue on our wedding anniversary. It is the best present ever! I have always feel a little bit upset that I don't have enough time to take wedding photo on our big day. It was like my dream comes true now. If you are interested to view the photos, please let me know and I can share it here. 

UK Travel Guide Book: Going on a sightseeing trip in London, exploring the world is one of my favourite things to do at the moment. This is my magic book which help me to do all the research on which place I should go. I can simply grab this book, get on a train and have fun all day. 

Deliciously Ella: If you really want to start a healthy diet, you have to buy her book, or even just browse through her blog. She has all the easiest healthy recipe that you can cook everyday. Whenever I'm sitting on the sofa, not holding my phone or iPad, I am holding her book. It's so fun to read. It also includes her story, it's not just a cook book, it's also a lifestyle book with lots of healthy information. 

Music - Locked Away (Adam Lavine): I know Energy Ball and Deliciously Ella Book is kind of similar and is healthy related, so I add a bonus point here. My current favourite song is Locked Away. I just love this song so so much that I can keep repeating it hundred times a day. Please tell me I'm not the only one who do this. I love Adam's last song Lost Star and this one is just amazing. I really love his voice.

Now, I'm interested to know what 5 things can make you happy in  your life.

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