Beauty Saved Or Spent

When we are talking beauty spend, we can't spend money on everything. There might be area that we saved up in scarify for the other beauty item. Here are 3 of my beauty Saved and Spent. 


1. Try Doing Yoga At Home instead of Going to the Gym: Gym membership is always expensive, however, it is quite often that I join the membership, go there for few times and then totally forgot about it. Instead, I will choose to buy a yoga mat, place it in my living room. This is just right next to my TV, this keep reminds me to do exercise.  I don't need to travel all the way to the Gym centre now, and have no more excuse not to move and I found it I become more active. In fact motivated me to exercise more often.

2. Try to Do Nails By Myself: I am a nail polish lover, and love collecting nail polish. I enjoy opening up my collection box, browse it through to see which colour I should wear today. It's a kind of happy moment for me. If I really am saving up for other beauty products, I will simply do my nails instead of going to the nail salon. It's always cool to have a hand massage and have someone helps with the shape of the nail, but it is kind of luxurious when I have some other thing that is expensive I eager to buy. Also, more often I use my nail polish means it will use up quicker, and I can buy a new one more often. 

3. Searching for Alternative Similar Clothes: If I really am under a tight budget, but there is an expensive clothes that I really want to buy. I would go shopping at H&M, Zara, Forever 21, Next  to  simply search for similar clothes with lower price. The shops always follow the fashion trend, you won't find it hard to find similar style's clothes, but of course the quality might not be the same. Accordingly to my experience, Zara is always one of the store that I can find good alternative with decent quality and price. I would normally check the texture and quality. If it is acceptable, I will just buy it to fulfil my urgent need. 


1. Skincare Product: No matter how tight the budget are, I will try to save up to spend on skincare products. This is something that put on my face and I can never amend that if my face ends up having bad reaction and a scar remains.

2. Hair Styling: Some of my friends are very talented and be able to cut their hair by themselves. I can never do that, I know nothing about layering, how it will turn out to be. It may look fine when I cut it, once it is washed, it can turn to a complete nightmare. So, I will leave this to the professional. 

3. Healthy Food: I believe you are what you eat. What you eat totally affect the skin tone, the energy life of me. The healthiness of a person will just simply show. Health is the most important thing in life, without health, we can do nothing. So, it is always worth to invest more in this area.


  1. I think the easiest type of money to save is money spent at the gym. I workout from home and have been doing so for a year now, and I think my results are just as good as if I went to the gym. Healthy food is something that you cannot skip out on, as are skincare products.


  2. Great tips and I definitely do most of these haha. I actually don't like going to the gym and working out with others so I do pop pilates at home and I couldn't be happier since it's also done on my own schedule!


    1. Yes sometimes doing at home, it also means we can do it on our own pace as well.. Let's keep up the good work together, Stacy! :)

      If you like, please follow this blog and we can talk more later.

  3. Love this post! It's so helpful! Thanks for sharing!xx

    Vildana from :

  4. You're welcome.. I will keep on sharing. :)