How to Make Today a Good Day?

If you feel like today isn't really a good day, what will you do to make it a good one? Here are some ideas for you. 

Start with a healthy yummy breakfast. A happy mood to start the day can completely change the mood the whole day. Perhaps you can try to keep one or two favourite breakfast recipe which can instantly make you happy if you feel down in the morning.

Drive to the countryside to appreciate the beauty of nature. It is always fun to have a getaway trip to go to the countryside to feel the different in life.  Exploring a quiet place and looking at the sky can make you feel so refreshed. 

Go shopping and buy one thing that you want for a very long time. Is there anything that you don't need it but you just want it? Have you left it in the shop? Go grab it. The feeling of getting something you want for so long is like a little prize for yourself. Let's just set aside the evil feeling and do one thing that can make yourself happy. Let today be a treat day!

Call your best mate(s) to come for a friend(s) night. No matter if it is just one friend chatting or a group friends to have a pizza film viewing night, it also works equally well. Social with each other, understand what each other are up to, support each other. The feeling of giving or accepting support will just make the day shine.

Open a champagne and celebrate 5 of the things that you happy about for the week. It got to be something in the week that you feel grateful for. It can be as small as being able to catch the bus to as big as doing do at work. Just be silly and celebrate anything that makes you feel happy for yourself. Stop for a while and appreciate life. 


  1. I absolutely love your blog and I enjoy reading it, especially those 'steps' posts or 'how to' ones. I love it! xx

    Vildana from :

  2. Thank you Vildana! Your blog is lovely too.

  3. I agree that starting with a yummy breakfast is one of the best ways to set a positive tone to the rest of your day---including making your bed!

    1. Oh yes.. A tidy house makes me feel so good! I like keeping it decent! thanks for the tips! :)