How to Relax: 7 Ways to Relax After A Long Week

A little bit busy life may sometime be good, as it means we are doing something for our life. However, it is also important to have a good rest for energy charging, so that we can face any challenge ahead. Here are some of the things that we can do to get ourselves relaxed after a long week. 

1. Reading Book: Lighting a candle, getting ourselves cozy in bed and reading book before bedtime is the best way to get refreshed and clam ourselves down to get ready for a good long sleep. I choose bedtime book to be something with mild and soft tone. Love Your Life authored by Domonique Bertolucci is my current favourite. This motivational book is like a friend to tell me to stay happy, how much I can control my own life and be persistence to it. I feel so warm and positive after readying this and it's always good to have a positive mind before bedtime, hoping to have a positive dream and wake up with a positive vibes. (Besides amazon, you can also buy this in Oliver Bonas.)

2. Instagram: Instagram is one of the app that we can use to get ourselves relaxed. There are always reasons to follow each instagramer. For me, I follow them because I like their watercolour painting/calligraphy artwork, I like their interior design photo, I like their healthy food photo. It is like my favourite collection to showcase everything I love. I feel so inspired every time I browse through this. You can find out which instagramer I follow by going to my Instagram account (@lifewithalk) or refer to my previous post.

3. Pamper Yourself: There is no better way to relax than having a spa or facial Skincare Pamper Routine after a long week. Not just feeling refreshing during the process, but also seeing the result in the mirror afterward.

4. Listen to Music: No matter if you like hard rock music or relaxing music, just give yourself half an hour to play whatever music you love to release your energy, your emotions, your anger through the songs. After that, you can just dust yourself and get back to the normal self.

5. Exercise: One may think I don't even want to move after a long day. In fact, get your body moving, let as much oxygen to go to to your blood vessels are also good to get rib of the tired feeling. It's not just the sweaty feeling that helps you, but also you can set aside all the problems and concentrate on the exercise during that time. If you really are too tired, just grab a yoga mat and do a 15 minutes yoga. I'm sure this can claim you down in a rushy day. 

6. Baking: If you ever slow down in the cooking process, you will find that baking can in fact be a relaxing hobby. It is like making a piece of art work, just so happen that the result can be eaten. For me, it's a win-win. Try not to care too much about getting the exact ingredient, cooking at the exact timing. Just chilled and relax.  Follow your instinct and you may be amazed by the result.

7. Go for a Walk: Whenever you feel stressed, you may tell yourself: I need some fresh air, right? Then, go and get some fresh air. Walking is the easiest things to do to get yourself relaxed, all you need is your feet and your eyes. Look at the beautiful flowers in the park, guess what the lady on the street is heading to, just use your funny imagination, explore the neighbourhood. I believe an open mind is a relaxed mind.


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