My Current Workout Essentials

I'm very into home workout right now and I think it may be interesting to show you what is my current workout essentials. 

Yoga Mat (from TK Max) No matter if it's circus training or yoga, yoga mat is my best workout buddy. To choose a good yoga mat, I will make sure it's thick and elastic enough, it makes the exercise experience a lot less painful (to the feet and hands). 

Water Bottle (Primark) I need to drink a lot of water during and after exercise, this bottle is a perfect size for me. 

Weight (Tiger) Choose a suitable weight to exercise required a lot of wisdom. It can't be too heavy, it will hurt my back, it can't be too light as it can't maximize the result. I have been through a lot of trial and error experiments until I get this. 

I Pad (Apple) I need this to show me the Home workout youtube video

Hair band (H&M) I  like my hair bend to be simple and without anything. I will have lots of lay down movement, having something on the hair band will make me hard to lay flat and makes me feel very uncomfortable. 

Workout pant (H&M) I love this workout pant (not solely because it is pink and grey), but it is short (so I can sweat without feeling sticky) and with a little legging under the trousers (so I can do any movement without worrying to show anything I don't want people to see).

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  1. Beautiful post dear! I really need to get a yoga mat.xx

    Vildana from Stalia Is BAE & Living Like V

  2. I've been loving doing yoga at home recently, and I totally agree with you - a good mat is an absolute essential