4 Popular Restaurants to Eat in London

It's Friday! Let's find some places to eat. London has so many yummy food from Asian to Mexican food. Here are four of the restaurants you will need to try when you come to London. They are chain restaurants and there must be one next door if you are in London. 

Nando's is very favmous in serving peri-peri chicken. If you are not particular fancy eating spicy chicken, they have different favour's chicken (from lemon & herbs to super spicy). I quite like to go there again to try their new in drumsticks.

Yo! Sushi is a sushi bars which allow you to choose sushi from the belt or order from the menu. Sushi is placed in seven different color's dish to signify seven price. When you are done, the waitress will come to count the dish to work out the price. It's very Japanese style operation restaurant to try. 

Wahaca serves really good Mexican food with competitive price. I really love their street food (i.e. tacos and taquitos). 

Wagamama is a British based restaurant chain which serves Japanese food (i.e raman and rice). It is my second home as well. I particular love eating their teriyaki beef donburi. If you let me, I can simply eat it everyday. 

Now I'm interested to know what restaurant you like to eat  in your home country or London. 

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  1. Lovely post! Have a great weekend! :) xx

    Vildana from Living Like V (my first outfit post's on my blog) & Stalia Is BAE

    1. Hello. Vildana. what did you do over the weekend? Mine are having a really relaxing one.

  2. I've lived in London all my life and I've never heard of Wahaca! Is it new or am I just trippin'?

    Christina ♡ from Okay Christina

    1. Aw.. you have to go to Wahaca. The food there are so yummy! :)

  3. Looks awesome! If I ever visit London I'll have to try these restaurants out.

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