4 Simple Ways For Getting Up Early

Do you have problem getting up early? I did and found 4 ways to help getting up early.

1. Plan an exciting breakfast to look forward to. Most of the time we don't want to wake up, because we don't want to go to work or do the stuff that we don't want to do. Having something you love to eat can definitely help waking up in the morning. 

2. Schedule some important plans in the morning. If you have things you need or excited to do in the morning, you don't even need a clock to wake you up. 

3. Turn your phone to flight mode or even turn it off. Now it's something to do with sleeping the night before. Sometimes, phone will just vibrate due to receiving messages or e-mails while you  are sleeping. To have a good night sleep to wake up early in the morning, try to turn off your phone (or even all electronic devices) before you sleep. 

4. Read Book before sleep.  Try not to play with your phone or ipad before you sleep. The blue light from electronic device will simply wake you up. Instead, reading a book can help to slow you down for a good sleep. 

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  1. This is awesome !! love it and helpful

  2. awesome tips! truly helpful! I have a lot of trouble getting out of the bed in the morning. I hate it lol
    You have such a cute blog! I'm following you too!

    have a nice day!