5 Ways to Switch Off from A Busy Day

Living in a busy country like Hong Kong, I have learnt to switch myself off in an appropriate time to refresh myself. Here are some of the ways I would normally do to get myself out of the hectic situation. 

1. Switch off all the electronic devices In Friday night or during weekend, I will switch off my phone or even all my electronic devices. This allows me not to bother e-mails or anything in the net and just think about things about myself. In the begining,  it may be hard. You can I will simply arrange yourself a trip to the countryside with no internet connetion. This helps. 

2. Do Exercise If you are feel very attached with the electronic devices and keep thinking about work stuff, go do some exercise (i.e. Yoga, night run). This allows you too concentrate on the exercise you are currently doing and left behind the hectic stuff in the office. 

3. Meditation Yoga includes some meditation during the exercising process. If you are too tired,  you can simply skip all the stretching and go into meditation. Downloading a meditation app, listen to some meditation, let yourself rest and think of nothing completely. The app would normally help to count the time for you. So, you don't need to worry about that. Or you can even switch off the timing function and let yourself sleep after meditation.

4. Have a lovely meal with family and friends Even you are busy, you will need to eat. Organize a relaxing meal with your family and friends and turn yourself to a relaxing mode.

5. Write a secret diary Writing a diary is like talking to yourself. You can simply talk about anything in your mind and clear thing out. The best thing about secret diary is that no one would judge you, feel free to release and switch off yourself from the reality for a while. 

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  1. Great tips!


  2. Awesome tips! Thanks for sharing!x

    Vildana from Living Like V (my first outfit post's on my blog) & Stalia Is BAE

  3. My way of switching off from a busy day and to refresh myself is to enter my mini garden and feast my eyes on the plants.

    1. AW.. That's such a lovely tips. :) thanks for sharing.