April Favourite - Make-up, Beauty and Homeware

It is nowhere near the end of April and I have already got my hands full of favourite items. I guess there is no set rule that I need to wait until the last day of April to start writing my favourite post. I just can't wait to share this with you. 

Please bear with me there is a lot of  makeup items as I have been travelling and do my make up nearly every single day.

Pink Blending Sponge: This blending sponge is the greatest invention of all time. It makes blending foundation much easier and save a lot of my time.

Revolution Ultra Metals Flawless Powder Brush:  I have my eyes on Zoeva brush for a really long time. The main reason is that they are rose gold in colour (and of course the highly rated review). But I have difficulty in finding a store which sells them. This revolution rose gold brush catch my eyes in Superdrug and I have bought it without any doubt. 

Real Techniques Blush Brush: I admit I bought this because Superdrug is currently having a 3 for 2 mix and match promotional champagne. I pay for 2 items and can get 3 products. It's good to have a try when it's free (in some sort). I end up love it very much, the brush is very soft and dry really quickly after washing. It also provides a high definition result too.

Shiseido Blue and Green Eyes Shadow: If you asked me two weeks ago what is my favourite eyes shadow colour, I will tell you gold or pink as it blends into my skin tone naturally.  A week ago, when I tried this blue and green eyes shadow, it matched with my blue jeans or skirt (even I don't have a blue/green eyes) and made my eyes become the focal point when people looking at me. I actually quite like it. 


Oliver Bonas Blackberry Musk Fragrance: If you like fruity fragrance but not really like the overly strong candy taste. This fragrance will be perfect for you. It gives slight fruity taste throughout the day.

Chanel 491 Rose Confidentiel Nail Polish: I bought this nail polish few years ago for my pre-wedding photoshoot. This pink is darker in shade and gives a more mature feeling. I seldom use it (obviously due to the fact that it's from Chanel and rather expensive comparing with Essie and Topshop's). It ends up leaving in my drawer unattended. I guess, if I love it, I should use it more often. 


Pop Pineapple Ombre Photo Frame: I always have a thing on New Look's homeware. Their products are always pastel and metallic (rose gold) in shade. It's really not hard to find a favourite item from there. Who wouldn't like pink, ombre, pineapple merged in one product?

Now's it's your turn to let me know your April favourite. Will there somehow be any similar item as mentioned above? Please also don't forget to follow me on bloglovin for more interesting post.


  1. I need to invest in these blending sponges, everyone raves about them. And that Chanel nail polish is so pretty, you must wear it more!


    1. The blending sponges is amazing! It blends the foundation very nicely, especially in the corner of the eyes.

  2. I like this post and yes if u want we can follow each other!
    have a nice day my dear!

  3. love that chanel nail laquer, such a great color!

    xx Angie | http://www.thefashionfuse.com/

    1. Yes. I love the shade.. so much.. what is your favourite nail polish brand?