My Pamper Essentials

I love pampering myself every once in a while and have developed some pamper essentials. 

Candle: To start pampering myself, I like lighting some candle to set the mood. This candle is from Next without any scent. Sometimes, I like to choose some lavender candle.

Haba Ion Machine: Afterward, I will start choosing facemask. Whenever I decided to have a pamper evening, I will grab a paper mask and this ion machine. This basically helps the serum in the paper mask to absorb in the deeper part of the skin. The result of the mask is one hundred time better. 

Oskia Face Mask: If I'm not using the machine, I will choose this mask,  I just feel so refreshing after using it. 

Lush Bath (Tisty Tosty Bath Ballistic): There is nothing better than having a bath with refreshing smell. 

Tangle Teezer: After bathing, I enjoy brushing my hair to make it super smooth. This Tangle Teezer is one of the best creatures on earth. This just helps detangle my messy hair and help smoothen it. I like brushing my hair upside down, so it won't look too flat.

Nail Polish: I enjoy polishing my nail, from choosing my favourite color, putting it in my nail and looking at the pretty fingers. This is all amusing. 

So, what is your pamper essentials? If you like my post, don't forget to follow me in bloglovin or G+. 


  1. These all sound like great pamper items. I do love tangle teezers. x
    Gemma x

    1. I love tangle teezer. The best brush I have ever used.