Stripe Tee 3 Ways

My husband and I went to Switzerland for holiday and had a good break for 2 weeks. I'm now back to my normal self and can start fresh for blogging now. Stripe tee is one of my travel favourites and let's talk about this. 

Have you ever thought about there are just too many clothes in the wardrobe, but never know what to wear and end up buying more? In fact, with the right clothes, you can always style with different items to give a completely different look. It may be a good habit to develop and helps with the save up plan too. For me, one of the mix and match best friend it "Stripe Tee". 

All details stated in my previous post.

Look 2. Girly Pinky Skirt Look
Pink Bomber Jacket (from Bershka): Everyone loves bomber jacket in the UK at the moment. Bomber jacket is quite manly for me, so I choose this pinky blush color to tone it down and match with the girly look.  

Stripe Zip Back Jumper (from Topshop): My absolutely favourite which can go with all plain trousers or skirt.

Denim Indigo Mini Skirt (from Urban Outfitter): This skirt is pretty short, so I normally wear it with leggings.

New Balance Shoes: I admit pink colour in shoes is quite hard to style, but if your look is quite pale in colour, you can always try the pink shoes on. The result may amaze you sometimes. 

Look 3. Camel Stripe Tee Neutral Look
Ribbed Longline Cardigan (from Forever 21): I currently in love with forever 21, it has so many girly camel items with reasonable price. This cardigan I picked is on sale now with 30% off from £15. What a bargain??!

Moto Mid Blue Riped Joni Jeans (from Topshop): To be completely honest, I don't really like high waisted jeans and cover all my belly (especially after eating), but this jeans is so soft and I don't really feel tight while wearing it. 

Silver Glitter Shoes (from Converse): I bought this shoes in Hong Kong ages ago, I bet it sold out now. But you can always customize your own converse. My friend just makes two pairs for her wedding, which is so cool!

Please let me know which clothes or jeans you like to mix and match with and I will try to see if there is any similar item in my wardrobe. Please also don't forget to follow me on Instagram (@lifewithalk) or bloglovin as I will have some travel posts going up soon.


  1. Gorgeous looks! I love that pink bomber jacket!

    Isabel x

    1. Yes. I absolutely obsessed with this:) so pretty! :)

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