3 Ways To Worry Less

I am a worry type of person. Over the years, I have developed some habits or belief which helps me to worry less a little. Hope this can be of help to you too. 

1) Get Things Planned: Most of the time, we worry because we are unsure about the situation. If there are ways for me to understand what is going on, I can plan what to do step by step. This will stop me from over thinking and worry too much. 

2) Ability to Resolve Problems: When there is a problem ahead, think about the good and the bad and come up with a plan to tackle in case it falls over. However, don't think about hundred possibilities of the down side. Always believe yourself in solving problem when it comes to you. Never over thinking. 

3) No Perfection: There is always good to have goals, but don't seek for perfection. Allow mistakes on the way to your goal, we are just human. 

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  1. Love this post! These are such important tips!

    Isabel x