5 Healthy Snacks to Put In the Office

When it's 3:00, I always start craving for snack to get me through the afternon. Instead of putting junk food to jeopardise my healthy routine. I found some good healthy snacks to replace it.

1) Fresh Fruit: I like buying fruit in supermarket or coffee shop. They are nicely packe with different variation of fruit. Plue, it always goes with a fork, which makes life so much easier.  If I feel dry, this one of the best snack for me. 

2) Fruit & Nut: Fruit and nut are both healthy food. The sweet taste of fruit combined with the slightly salty taste of nut makes the perfect match as a snack. 

3) Dates:  If I really want to eat some candy, I always go for dates instead. Normally one dates is enough to satisfy my desire.

4) Rice and Corn Cracker: I can't say it is a completely healthy snack, but it is definitely a healthier replacement to crisp. 

5) Dry fruit: It may not always easy to eat fresh fruit in the office, "Urban Fruit" has some lovely dry fruit (i.e. mango, coconut, pineapple and banana) in a decent size, which is perfect as a pick me up snack.

Now, will you share with me on what snack you normally eat in the office?

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