5 Simple Ways to Stay Organised In The Office

I have been working few years in a company and my colleagues always surprised how tidy my office desk can be. I can reassure you I am not a tidy person by nature, but I need my desk to be tidy and organized to make my work progress more effective and efficient. Here are some of my tips I developed over the years to stay organised in the office. 

1) Classify area for important and unimportant task. There are regular place for document that I need to handle immediately, and document that is not. I can always reach out to the important  area once I finished one task. 

2) Place regular monthly documents in a fixed area. I always know where to reach my regular meeting agenda or regular report as there is only one place to put those document. 

3) Always do filing and best of all e-filing. People always see filing is the most boring task, but I treat this as the most important task. If you file your documents decently, you can always refer to your previous job as reference and make the whole job much quicker and smoother. Don't bother print it out and file it, do a proper e-filing system. It saved up your space and keep your workstation tidy. A tidy place, a tidy mind. 

4) Decluttered. If you are very sure, you will not need the documents ever again. Don't keep it. If you are unsure if you need to refer it later, scan it and throw the hard copy (if possible). Don't keep thousand of documents you will not even refer to and wait until the end of the year to clear it. You wouldn't have the time to, and more importantly, you don't want to when it has already piled up. 

5) Don't bring too many personal items at work, make space for work.  If your desk aren't big enough, don't keep too many personal items at work, It's always good to have one or two personal touch, but always be sure to have enough space for work. 

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