5 Things I Want To Do More Of

Have you ever feel like you don't have enough time to do things that you want to do more? If there is, what will it be?

Here are some of that the things that I would like to do more of. 

1. Travel More: The world is big, we only have so little time to explore the world. If time and money isn't a problem, I would love to travel more to understand the world better.

2. Rest More: Living in a busy city in Hong Kong. It can develop a rushing personality easily. There are endless things to do and totally forget the time to rest and think about what we really want.

3. Exercise More: Healthy life is important for me. I wish I can do exercise everyday, even it's just half an hour a day. 

4. Being With Friend More: Sometimes I feel like even I don't meet my friends for half a year, I feel really close to them. But it is not, it's no way to be close when you have no idea what they are up to. 

5. Bake More: Ever since I moved to the UK, I found out Deliciously Ella, her baking recipe can be completely sugar free and totally healthy. I really have to pick up her book more and bake more.

Now, please let me know one thing you want to do more of and don't forget to follow me on bloglovin or instagram (lifewithalk).


  1. I wanna do some things more, too, like travel, workout, pray etc. Great post!xx

    Vildana from Living Like V & Stalia Is BAE

  2. Oh I agree with you so much, i want to travel, rest and spend time with friends more x
    Yuliya at Yukova Blog

    1. aw... thanks.. then will you start doing it more? :)