5 Things To Do On Sunday

Have you ever imagine the perfect Sunday that you do all the things you want to do in a day and you still find it relaxing? Here are some ideas for you. 

1) Coffee Shop breakfast: To save up the energy to cook a breakfast, why not having a relaxing Sunday morning, just to sit in the coffee shop and have people serve you the breakfast?

2) Sunday Park Walk: After breakfast, go to the park and have a walk just to get some fresh air and think about nothing. No work, no worry. 

3) Pamper Routine: After the walk, pamper yourself, skincare pampering or just have a long shower/bath to enjoy some "Me Time". This can also hep to get into a relaxing mood for the day.

4) Cooking Healthy Lunch: Try treating cooking as a hobby, and not something you have to do to keep you alive. Find one of the healthy lunch recipes with amazing result and enjoy the cooking process.

5) Invite friends or family over for dinner: Time for some soical life and feel the love and care from the loved one to end the day. 

Now, please let me know what you normally do on Sunday which would make you happy. 

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  1. I love Sunday brunches or lunches with family!


  2. Lovely ideas! I love the Coffee shop breakfast idea especially Xx

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