6 Things To Do When Visiting Switzerland

- Zurich Limmat -
- View from Glacier Express -
- View from Glacier Express -
- View from Glacier Express -
 - Interlaken - 
- Near Jungfrau -
- Boat Trip At Interlaken -
- Boat Trip At Interlaken -
- Walk Around Bern Area-
- Luzern - Kapellbrucke-  
I have been having a break blogging last month as I travelled to Switzerland. Before going on a trip, I did some research on what to do and planning our route. I think it will be great to share our idea with you. 

The route: 
Switzerland isn't a huge country, so we decided to travel around Switzerland to see the most of it. We travel from Zurich --> St. Mortiz --> Chur --> Interlaken --> Bern --> Luzern. To us, that's the best route for a 5 day 4 night trip. 

1) Zurich: When arriving Zurich, you can travel along side Limmat. It is a beautiful lake and if you are bored with the view, there are always shops near the lake you can do some shopping or eating.
Little tips: If you are carrying heavy luggages and your hotel isn't ready yet. You can always put your stuff in the locker located in the station. This way you don't need to carry the stuff for sight seeing. 

2) Glacier Express: There are many express you can choose to view the snow mountain in winter time. Glacier Express are the best amount all. It shows the wooden forrest view, the rainfall, the snow mountain. It's a 7 hours train journey. You can always choose part of the journey, so you don't need to stay in the train all day. The part from St. Moritz to Chur are the best as there are always less people in the train by that time, so you be in a quiet environment to enjoy the view and can take lots of photo from different angles. There will be alot more passenger going in from the Chur station, the train will be a lot more clouded and you can't really move around. 

3) Interlaken: If you fancy to live in a quiet countryside village. You need to go to Interlaken. You can have stroll around their little shops, haveing a park walk and have a boat trip on the lake. The lake is so clear and the view is unreal. You can also eat fondue in a restaurant there. It's best to choose an outside seat, so you can view the snow mountain and having dinner at the same time. 

4) Jungfrau: Jungfrau is currently the highest mountain in Europe. I have the best experience to see the snow on the top of Europe. You will need to travel 3 or 4 trains to get to top. It stops once in a while, so you can let you body judge the air pressure and everything and see if you can still go uphill. 

5) Bern: Bern is a more civilized city and less village like. We bought an ice-cream and walk along the Aare and the view is just so amazing. 

6) Luzern: Luzern has an impression of tidiness for me.  We walk along the Kapellbrucke and having a quick boat trip to view the nearby area. It's so nice to end the trip there. 

If you want to see the view more clearly, please feel free to watch it in the travel video here. 


Glacier Express: 


Interlaken & Bern:



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