6 Things You Must Do When Visiting London

London is a lovely place and you can spend days and days here without feeling bored. If you only have few days, there are some of the things that you have to do to enjoy the beautiful city. 

1) Visit Westminster. This is the tourist kind of thing, but I can assure you it will be totally worth it. You will be stunned by the incredible buildings. The feeling of just looking at it is unreal.

2) Ice-skating at Somerset House. There are a huge ground once you enter Somerset House, if you go there in winter time, you can ice-skating there. This is a beautiful thing to do. If you can't come at winter time, go there to have a look at the Shakespeare museum. It's equally cool.

3) Homeware shopping. Not everyone loves homeware, but everyone has a home and it' always good to make it better. UK has a large homeware market, so the shops that sell homeware has lots of variety and the price is decent. Drop by Primark, Next, Denbenham, John Lewis, Zara home, you may find bits and pieces for your home.

4) Try their burger. England is famous for Fish and Chips. After the fish and chips, please don't forget about their burger. England sells fresh meat and the burgers are incredible. Here are places for your visit.

5) Visit Camden Town. If you love art, into funky style and great food, Camden Town is the place you can't miss.  

6) Travel By Bus. If you have enough time, don't travel by underground. Find a day to travel by bus. You will see more inner part of London. 

Any more recommendations? I'm up for it and would like to make the most before I leave. 

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  3. I really want to visit London! Lovely post! xoxo

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  4. I never have been in London, but I want to see this place in September :). Your mini guide will be a great source of information to choose places to see :)!

    xoxo, Viki from http://theviktoria.blogspot.com/

    1. aw.. that's lovely. Very happy that I can help.