How To Find Time For Yourself In Your Busy Schedule

We, modern human, are busy and it's so hard to find time for ourselves in the busy schedule. Having some me time doesn't need to take too long, only few minutes will do. Quality can win quantity in the busy world. If you are good enough for multi-tasking, your "me time" can actually incorporate into your daily life.

1) Feeling thankful while having a 10-minutes sit down breakfast. Wake up few minutes earlier for a sit-down breakfast. Try not to think about anything stressful, but to enjoy the meal and to feel thankful (i.e. for the weather, for the yummy healthy breakfast, just random positive things randomly pop out).

2) Having a moment to appreciate yourself when looking at the mirror in the morning. While brushing your teeth, stand there for a moment, trying to appreciate the things you have done, your achievement (no matter it's big or small) and praise yourself for anything you did good. 

3) Listen to music during the train/bus journey. We might make 1/5 of our day stucking in train/bus or traffic, why not making the most of it by downloading some songs you love or calm music to listen and have a good power nap during the long journey?

4) Having a lovely massage to your hand while thinking in front of the computer. Place a massage oil or lavenders hand cream on your work station. Next time while you are thinking and your hands are doing nothing, put some cream on and give your hands a massage for the non-stop pressing keyboard's hard work. I'm sure your fingers will be thanking you for that. 

5) Having a Karaoke session in the shower. No matter how judgemental your boss is, there is a place called home and you can be yourself. Give yourself a karaoke session in the shower. No one will judge your singing skills ( It's just a shower song and no one is watching), just enjoy yourself. 

How do you find me time for yourself during the busy schedule? Please enlight me. If you love my post, please don't forget to follow me on bloglovin too. 


  1. ahahah have karaoke in the shower sounds cool!
    I wish u a great day my dear!
    and if u dont follow me pls do i follow back instantly :)


  2. Great tips, hun! I like waking up twenty minutes early so I can have a sit down breakfast and watch some TV before I have to leave for work, I find that it makes my mornings a lot less stressful. :) <3


    1. aw.. Yes. this really makes the day so much for beautiful

  3. oooooo I really like the oil lavender for my hands, I'm already a sucker for hand lotions but never considered doing it while just sitting there. Trying today!


    1. aw.. you have to try this, it's a really nice treat to yourself.

  4. Great tips!! This is really important and interesting topic! :)

    Vildana from Living Like V & Stalia Is BAE