How to Make Quality Time for Your Friend When You're Incredibly Busy

Following to my previous post about finding time for yourself during busy time, it's time to extend the love and talk about find time for your friend during busy schedule. 

Coffee Shop Chat If you are too busying organizing a huge party gathering with everyone, it's always good to have one on one quality time with your friend in a relaxing coffee shop to update each other's life and have a deeper talk about everything. If you can't talk with everybody, let's just keep it simple and one at a time.

Dinner gathering near work place We may quit going to a gathering due to the long traveling time, choose a place where everyone can go quickly and near the workplace. It saves up the time for traveling and more time to build up the friendly mood.

Gathering on Friday or Saturday If you are busy, it's best to have gathering on Friday. While everyone in the work place is on holiday mood and you can start forgetting about work until Monday comes. This mentally prepares you for a high-quality gathering, instead of just physically get to the location and worry about going home and sleep to prepare the next working day.  

Gathering at home It is always good to invite friends to your home for a gathering. Home is like a  place to relax and you can meet friends at the same time.  Don't worry about making food for your friends while you are incredibly busy. I'm sure they don't come for your food, they come to meet and see you. Let's order your friend's favourite food and eat together. You also don't need to worry about washing the dishes afterward. 

So, please let me know how you make quality time for your friend when you are busy. I would like to know more ways to keep in touch with my friends even I have so little time. 

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