How to stay away from the nasty snack?

What do you think about your will power? If there is a yummy cake, crisps or donut in front of you, will you be able to say no easily? For me, NO! I have zero mind control power, but I have some ways to help me stay away from the nasty snack.

1) Never let it gets into your sight.  Easy thing first, if we never taste it, we will never know how good it is.  If we never see it, we will never eat it. Report has shown that if we have lots of snack in front of us, it will be of higher chance for us to eat it even we don't need it or crave for it. 

2) Eat decent amount of main meal. If we have enough food to provide us energy throughout the day, we will be less likely to search for snacks. It's the habit that matters. Once our habit of eating snack developed, we will look for snacks even we are not hungry. 

3) Buy healthy alternative.  If we are unable to stop eating snack during tea time. Buy healthy snack instead. You can refer to 5 healthy food swaps for junk food to get some idea of what healthy alternatives to buy. 

4) Give yourself a vague deadline to eat the nasty snack.  If we want to eat that nasty snack, tell ourselves to eat it "later". Don't give an exact time or date to ourselves. If we tell ourselves to eat it at 4pm if I am still hungry, we will keep thinking about it and once reached 4pm, our will power will be completely defeated. That snack will definitely end up in our belly. 

5) Look at the ingredient and calories before eating. Sometimes, we kiss the devil because we don't know how bad he is. Let's show ourselves the truth, look at the ingredient and calories before eating. Add some resistance to ourselves.

How do you say no to nasty snack?

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  1. I bring a tonne of fruit with me to work, but I find that doesn't fill me up at all. In addition, I have cream of vegetable soup for lunch. Having a lot of healthier alternatives around is a lot better, I have been loving granola bars too. The issue is that when I have healthier alternatives I tend to eat a lot more of it. Weird, I know. I am considering going vegan at the moment and by considering I mean I really want to do it I am just trying to find alternatives so I can go vegan properly without making any slip-ups. Thanks for sharing, great post x

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

    1. Perhaps you can go vegan on Monday (green monday) to try it out and see if your body can get use to this. If you really want to go vegan, make sure you ate enough beans to provide your body with sufficient protein. :)