May Favourite - Sportswear, Bath, Beauty and Daily Stuff

Time flies! It's this time of the month, I got to sit down and appreciate some of the things that I have over the month. This month is easy as there are some of the things that always in my mind and no doubt they are my favourite. 

H&M Running Shorts: I love shopping at sport session in H&M as they are currently selling alots of stuff with pink and grey colour (my fav) and they have many cool design too. This running shorts is a winner. I love running with shorts, but I never want to worry about things that shouldn't be seen being see. This short has a mini short underneath which let me move freely without worrying anything being explosed. 

Zoella Fizz Bar: English youtuber Zoella is launching a new Zoella beauty line. The old line will be replaced soon, so I get the last chance to grab this fizz bar who is highly rated everywhere. I have difficulty in running a fizz bath with lots of bubble and this save my day. 

Lush A French Kiss Bubble Bath: If you ever feel like you can't sleep or too stressed. Try this lavender bubble bar. The lavender scent helps calming your mind and you will definately feel blissful at bedtime. 

Essie Nail Polish - Eternal Optimist: There are lots of beauty stuff I like this month, but nothing can compare with this nail polish colour. I have written a blog post to talk about this. This is just perfectly beautiful. I can reassure you that you won't regret to get one. 

Daily Stuff
Cath Kidston Blossom Bunch Foldaway Shopping Bag: If you have read my previous post, you will know I am trying every possible means to save the planet. One of the thing I incorporate into my daily life is to use a shopping bag instead of using plastic bag. Who say using shopping bag is lame? It's not, if this is a well designed bag. I am a floral print product lover and my home theme color is currently blue and pink and this bag reminds me of my home. How can I not love this? 

H&M Pink and RoseGold Key Holder: This key holder is currently holding with my bag. This makes my black bag more girly. I guess I am currently into not so girly, but don't want to be too man style. So, this key holder is my new shopping mate now. 

So, what is your favourite items of the month? 

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  1. Some lovely products, I adore anything rose gold so will be checking out that key holder ASAP. Thanks for sharing, great post x

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

    1. Thanks Kiran. quick go grab one before it has sold out! :)