You Are More Than What People Think You are

I grow up with people think what I am by my look or by how I behave in front of them. I don't blame them for thinking what I am, as clearly this is what I have shown them and some part of my inner self don't want to show intentionally or unintentionally. Sometimes, I may just feel too comfortable to be the person in front of everyone and forget that I am more than what people think I am.

To everyone, I am a quiet, little girly girl who would even scare kicking a ball. People will be surprised when they are told I stay up overnight just to watch the world cup football final or NBA. No one even knows I tried to get into the volleyball team when I was young, but the teacher just perceived me as incapable and kicked me off of the team without even training me. By that time, I perceived myself as incapable too. 

My husband sees thing differently. He never sets any boundary to himself just because someone told him not to do. Ever since I met him, I get myself back to the sporty mode and try out the thing that I want to do, but people think I wouldn't do. People don't believe I would have taken Thai Boxing class every week. I admit I'm rubbish at it, but I take it very seriously every time I train. Even my husband's sporty friends are amazed by my energy level. And a man at the gym looking at me hitting a bag with an impossible look in his eyes.

People think I am a shy kind of girl and only eat sweet candy food, who would never know I am a crazy little monster who love spicy food. People think I am a secretary type, who would never know I am an artistic girl who has hundreds of calligraphy painting at home. People think I am a family protected princess girl who knows nothing about cooking, who would never know I cook dinner within an hour to my husband with homemade soup and dessert after. People think I am sitting here doing nothing, who would never I am working my ass off to my dream every day with zero entertainment.

People always tends to see you as the way you show them, and somehow it often diminishes who you are. You are always more than what you show. People can't be with you 24/7, don't let them judge you the way you are, don't believe you are just what they think you are, and most importantly, don't act in the way they think you are. There are always secret you don't want or don't need to show to everyone and that in fact defines you. Be confident to be yourself and keep amazed people around you.