6 Things To Quit In Order To Reach Your Goal

Why our goal is so hard to reach? Perhaps there are somthing that we keep doing and created an obstacle to prevent us from moving forward. Let's see 6 of the things we shall quit to enable us to reach our goal.

1. Stop thinking "I will do it when I have time.". There will always be another thing that occupy our time. If we don't prioritise and write down a list of thing to do to achieve our goal, there will always be "another time", thing will then never be accomplished.  

2. Stop thinking " It is just a dream." Your dream will not come true unless you come up with a concrete plan to make it happen. If you dream hard enough, you will work it out. If you don't make it happens, perhaps this is not really want you truely want. 

3. Don't quit once things block you up.  No one say achieving a goal is easy (unless you set up a really easy goal). There will always be things that work all the way round and don't happen the way you think it should be. Be prepare the challenges that will come across and be ready to celebrate each little step of achievement toward your goal. 

4. Don't compare. People design their own life differently and choose to live their life differently. Don't ever compare yourself with others when we have made completely different decisions everyday. Instead, look at the mirror and ask yourself what you really want? If you are in the right track of your life? If not, what we can do to get ourself back on track?

5. Don't believe those who under estimate you. If you have read my previous post about you are more than what people think you are. Then, you will understand people don't 100% understand you, don't believe you are what people think you are, especially those underestimate you. Trust yourself that you can achieve more than what people think you are. Keep challenged and amazed people by your ability and your goal will not be too far for you to achieve. 

6. Don't bother if people think you are lame or crazy. I once heard "Those matter don't mind, those mind don't matter.", this is one of my favourite quote. If you are very sure about your goal and this is what you want for your life, people understand you will support you, those doesn't support you don't really matter. Don't let them get in your way. They may not be wrong, just that they design their life differently and your life doesn't necessarily need to be the same as them. 

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