London Travel Guide: Foodies Festival

I don't know I am such a foodie until I come to London. London has so many food markets and food festivals where they gather different kinds of food to gather for you to choose from. From there, I simply want to try out everything. I can say I am such an explorer, but deep down I can't deny I am such a greedy foodie. 

In spring, the weather is nice and London has lots of food festival organized at the park, so you can enjoy food and the sun at the same time. My husband and I found a food festival called Foodies' Festival and no doubt we are in. 

Foodies Festival is UK's biggest series of food festival. It tours across country, from Brighton, Bristol to Edinburgh etc in summer time. If you are living in the UK, there must be one nearby. 

Insides the food festival, you can buy taste treats from popcorn, Japanese sushi,  fresh seafood, award winning hot dog and burgers or even amazing ribs. For beverage , you can find any kind of wine,  champagne, juice, soft drink or real English tea there. You name it, they have it. You can also grab an ice-cream, seat on the glasses and enjoy the live music around the counter. It is such a lovely weekend activities. 

The ticket price ranged from £8 to £38 (VIP) per person and you will also need to pay for the food you choose from each counter. The ticket will be more expensive over the weekend, if you have a day off, go there in weekday, you can get a bargain price in. 

If you want to feel the atmosphere before going, please feel free to check out the video here. What other festival will you recommend? I would be interested to test out more in this summer. 


  1. Lovely photos! I've never been to a festival like that but it looks so fun!x

    Vildana from Living Like V & Stalia Is BAE

    1. Thanks. You should try to go one and you will love it.

  2. Love these photos!!
    Love from www.trangscorner.com {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}