The Best Essie Nail Polish

If you have read my blog post about top five nail polish for summer, you may already notice that I always has a thing on nail polish. My nail with me everyday and I look at it most of my time and the colour on top of it always cheers me up. 

Essie - Eternal Optimist: Ever since I live in London, I went completely nuts as "Boots" has a whole section of Essie nail polish with different shade for me to choose from. Essie is one of the brand I'm dying to try when I was in Hong Kong. It never that easy to find essie nail polish in Hong Kong as compare to London. 

Let's talk about Eternal Optimist. This colour is so beautiful. If I know is soon enough, I will use this nail polish in my wedding or ask my bridesmaid to wear this. This pinky shade is so romantically beautiful. It's not the pink which makes you feel like a teenager, at the mean time, it's wouldn't make you feel old. This is not too shape that it would instantly stand out from your outfeet, but it matches with every outfit naturally. It's is just perfect! This is the best colour I have tried on and I am with no doubt that this will be my favourite colour for a very long time. 

If you are in London, go to Boots and grab one (only £7.99). I will need to stuck up some more before I leave.

May I know what is your favourite nail polish? 

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  1. I realllllly want this shade! :)


    1. You should definitely get one. It is still my favourite! :)

  2. This shade looks so perfect! I love essie polishes, they are my absolute favourite formula. ^_^

    Katie // Words By Katie

    1. Yes Essie's formula is great. It dries out quickly. You know I'm not a very patient lady, I like to touch this and that once I apply the nail polish and drying out quickly is very important to me.