August Favourite - Food, Song, Stationary & Beauty

Perhaps I am the last one who write about August favourite. I know.. I know.. It is the second day of September already, it's better to be late than missing one. This month I would talk about more interesting topics. 

If you have read my previous post about Easy Healthy Snack - Cottage Cheese Avocado, you will know I am currently obsessed with avocado. Not only does it has different kinds of Vitamin (B, C, E&K), it is a low carbohydrate food as well. Perfect for me (currently on diet). I always feel eating avocado alone is a little bit bear, I like to top it up with yogurt add some walnut and sprinkle some cinnamon. This is a perfect pick me up food at tea time. 

Song & TV Programme
I'm currently in love with watching Korea drama, Descendants of the Sun. It is very popular in Asia and is very obsessive. It's a romantic comedy about how a doctor falls in love with a soldier, how they find ways to compromise their own principles and survived in a complicated world. I don't want to give away too much. You can find the shows with English subtitles online and the programme's songs just keep coming up in my mind. 

I always have a thing on stationary. I feel like having beautiful stationary can motivate me to work. That's why I always buy floral print notebook and pen. Among all, I love the brand of Rifle Paper the most. Their stationary are strong in colour tone and make it stands out from other brands. I hope that our Paper and Brush online store can live up with Rifle paper. What a huge target. Dream big and target high. Even though you may never reach the top, you will also have something to run for.

This month's beauty is not about makeup or skincare. It is all about hair mist. I am not a high end product buyer, and this Chanel (Chance) hair mist is a gift from my friend. She gave it to me when I was about to leave Hong Kong to England. This is with me because she wants me to take the chance (product name) to explore the world, to do things that I never do and see things that I have never seen. Everytime I spray myself with this hair mist in England, I will remember what my friends has told me and act as I was told. This simply changes my life in the past few months.

So, what is your favourite of the month? Any food you keep on eating throughout the month? Any songs you keep playing everyday? Any stationary you love using? Any beauty product simply change your life? Please share with me your thought and I promise you I will listen to you carefully and truthfully. 


  1. nice post,this avocado looksso delicious,I've never had it w/ yougurt but it's worth a try I think xo


  2. Wow, that avocado looks amazing! I've never thought to try yoghurt but it looks really great. Thanks for sharing!

    xxxx from Emily // www.diamondsanddachshunds.weebly.com

  3. Looks so yummy, I love so much avocado haha ! Very great post ! Also love your blog ♥ Can we follow each other ? Let me know in comment and I will follow you back !

    Suzanne xx
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  4. I didn't know of the Chanel hair mist. Would love to try it! x


  5. I would love try this. This looks so good. Yummy!!
    Good vibes, FOX
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  6. Avocado !!!! yum !


  7. looks so yummy ! :)