I'm Pregnant!

17 Sep 2016 (4 years after my husband proposed to me) our baby uses his/her method to communicate with us on his/her existence. Yes, we're happily announced that I'm pregnant! 

As we are very desperate to have a baby, so I have a pregnancy test when my period is late for one day. So when I found out I am pregnant, it's just 4 weeks and the result is quite buried, so I checked twice to make sure my baby exist! 

I still remember I question myself the day before I have the test on why my period doesn't come, but I don't want to waste the testing machine as it costs money, so I tell myself to wait until tomorrow to do the test. But this has been in my mind the whole night and I wake up at 6am to have a test and surprisingly the result is POSITIVE! My husband and I both feel so happy and my life turns upside down since then. 

We waited until 8am and book a doctor appointment to reconfirm my pregnancy. Before the doctor's confirmation, we hold back our happiness to prevent any disappointment. Once the doctor congratulates us, we finally laughing out loud. 

We start announcing it to our closing family and would wait until 3 months (the baby is stable) before telling our friends, which is really hard to hide from my beloved friends.

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