My Pregnancy Update - 11 weeks

I have been pregant for 11 weeks now. I have been through the toughest days in the past three weeks. Here below is my sytoms: 

1) Low Energy Level: My energy level is still very low. I simply have no energy to go for a walk (or if I walk, I will nap for 3 hours. I have no energy to cook and simply lay in the bed all the time. 

2) Got Cold: I got a cold two weeks ago as I don't want to take any medicine and risk hurting the baby. I ate alot of Kiwi, drinks alot of lemon water and eat Vitamin C everyday. It takes alot longer for me to heal. I almost feeling sick for 2 weeks before I completely recovered. 

3) Craving for Chips, Noodles and Bread: My baby has a very special food craving. He/she likes chips, noodles and bread. I haven't ate bread for many years as  I feel there are lots of sugar in it. But this baby makes me want to eat bread everyday. He/she also has a special power to let me know he/she wants to eat chips. I once saw a kid holding a chips and I'm drooling alot. I need to turn around from the kid to stop the instant crave and I bought a pack of chips afterward. I know I shouldn't eat it, but the crave is just too strong. 

4) Can't Eat Too Much One at a Time: Ever since I am preganant, I crave to eat noodles. I always can't stop eating whole bow of noodles and then end up feeling very full and walk really really slow. Now I need to constantly tell myself to stop eating to avoid feeling belly burst.

5) Bone Fragure Is Not Healing: I got my bone fragure before I got pregant. Normally it takes 6 weeks to have my feet completely recovered. However, I still feel my leg bone crack sometimes. I guess the caclium that I take share with the baby and the bone. So, it heals slower. I hope that all calcium goes to my baby first and my heal can heal later. 

6) Vomit Alot: I nearly vomit everyday at night immediately after bath time. I tried to talk with my baby to let him/her know it's completely normally to feel hot whiling I am bathing and there will not harm him/her in any way. It works, but then the vomit delay to after bath time while I do exercise or rest in the sofa. This makes me really terrified to go bathing or not looking forward to night time. This is also one things that I hope I can get pasted 12 weeks and hoping the symtoms go away. 

7) More Sensitive on Sense.  From 9 to 10 weeks, I start disliking the sense from my skincare. Even tissue with sense I also want to vomit. I need to completely change my skincare to no sense one. Normally my husband has a more sensitive nose than I do. But now I can quickly tell him there is a bad smell around me. I heard from the doctor said while I am pregant, my sensition will get stronger and to be more sensitive to the environment in order to protect my baby. I guess that's why. 

8) Slight Headache. I'm not sure if my headache is from my hunger or drinking not enought water. According to the doctor, I will have higher blood flow. If I don't have enough water, the blood can't go to my brain, it will cause headache. So now, whenever I feel headache, I will drink water or eat some food. I have no idea how much food my body needs. But I try to eat in small portion to see if my body tell me it is okay. I don't want to overloaded my body with food and become fat (too soon).

8) My husband is having shring: He can't touch me which makes me lack of support and feeling distance from my husband. Emotionally will still need to adjust. 

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