My Pregnancy Update: Week 15

Sorry that I haven't updated for a while. Mostly it's because I can barely do anything besides lying on the sofa or in my bed. The morning sickness is quite strong for me and I almost get most of the morning sickness that the book said. I only start to feel human again from last months. Here are the morning sickness that I have been through so far. 

Food craving disappear: I used to crave for crisps and this has disappear from time to time, which is good, because I don't need to feel guilty eating unhealthy food anymore. 

Feeling hungry all the time: I feel hungry all the time. My feeding time is like: 7am, 11am, 2pm, 4pm and 6pm. I start to look for healthy snacks between my main meals, like yogurt, nuts, boiled eggs, Go Ahead biscuit, fruit. Normally only biscuit can make me feel full. However, I can't eat too much once at a time as my stomach will feel like it's going to burst. 

Vomit everynight: One of the toughest morning sickness I have experienced is throwing up everynight at around 9pm to 10pm. It is not the throw up that makes me feel bad, it's the time before I throw up. My stomach starts feeling really watery, swollow and wishing it can throw up quickly but it normally last for 15-30 mins before it actually throw up. That's the most difficult part I have experienced. I start not just throw up water but actual food which worries me alittle as I'm afraid that my baby may not have enough nutrients. 

To code with the vomiting situation, I try to shift my shower time to an earlier time (normally I throw up after shower). I drink lemon and ginger water, smell an apple when I feel like I want to throw up. I changed all the skin care or cream which have sense that makes me feel sick. I try to eat earlier so I can have more time to digest. This symtom haven't shown up for 3 days and fingers crossed it will fade soon. As this really makes me cry because I feel so uncomfortable. 

Stomach Clamp: The other day when I do some houseworks, I walking ups and downs and moving really fast. My stomach starts to clamp, I immediately stop myself, talk to the baby and comforting her a little. I didn't feel better until my husband is home from work and he talks with the baby. I really feel lik my baby loves her dad so much.

Energy Level is back gradually: I can't say my energy level is totally back, but it clearly better than the first few weeks. I still need to have a long nap after a long walk, but I feel more energetic during the day, more human I would say. Although I still start avoiding going too far away from home, but whenever I am out, I will make sure I bring some water, biscuit, jacket and scarf with me to keep myself warm and energetic until I am home again. 

Emotional: I have a little bit of emotional breakdown toward week 14 and 15 as the morning sickness is killing me in the evening. I'm actually feeling afraid when the sun goes down and my stomach starts to feel watery, I only can eat a little and then feel my stomach wants to burst. I have nearly all the morning sickness that the book mentioned and I actually feel like I can't stand it. Luckily, my husband is very supportive and he comforts me. This means alot to me.

I will upload more post about what I have brought for my second trimester shortly, hopefully, this helps some of the mum out there to prepare for the pregnancy preiod. 

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