My Pregnancy Update - Week 16

Yes! It's another week. My morning sickness (mainly vomitting) is still on, which is a little bit depressing. Apart from this, my energy is getting back on. Here is an update of week 16. 

Weight: I got a little bit weight in week 16, it hasn't changed much till week 15, maybe it's because I vomit and could really eat meat during my main meal. I do eat a lot of snack, like bread, yogurt, biscuit between meal. I guess it's just not healthy enough. I can eat more at lunch time, but still I can't eat much at dinner time. There is a day I cooked a very healthy dinner and yummy soup for me and my husband. Once I drink a cup of soup, I feel my stomach is going to burst and I have no mood to eat the geasy dinner. I called my husband and asked him to buy me a sandwiches instead. I'm kind of afraid to eat rice at dinner time since then. 

Significant change in body figure: My belly starts to shows in week 16. If I wear dresses, people may not notice immediately. But when they look again, I guess they will know. For me, it's quite clear, especially when I am showering, I have never seen my belly that big before. It's quite amazing that there is the first time when I look at my big tummy and I would feel happy. Don't get me wrong, I still worry about how my body figure would change, but my husband keeps praising me having a mummy figure, I only eat when I am hungry and wouldn't stuff myself with too much food and have a little walk everyday. Hopefully, this keep me a healthy figure.

Stretch marks: Now my belly starts to grow, I become more aware of weather the stretch marks will develop. So, I start to apply stretch marks cream more often, like two times a day. This has just added into my daily rountine now. 

Emtional breakdown: I watch some pre-pregnancy video on Sunday and heard that some people may throw up till the end of the pregnacy. I litterally burst into tear once I heard the nurse saying that. It's week 16 now and my night time vommiting isn't improving, this really worries me. Husband plays a very important role in comforting me. 

Start thinking about exercising: Now that my energy is back on and am quite awake during the date. I start thinking about doing exercise. I tried to search some of the youtube video that teach me exercise during pregnancy period and have tried squat, breathing exercising and leg stretching exercising now. As I would still throw up at night, so I am now taking it easy and slow from the start. 

Headache: I do have big headache yesterday, maybe I ate too much salty food or I'm drinking not enough water. So I tried to cut of that salty food and bring a carry-on kettle with me wherever I go. I found it very useful. When I am sitting on the sofa, it's so comfy and it now takes quite an effort for me to roll over, stand up and pour a cup of water. I will end up drinking 2 or 3 cups of water a day. Plus, I can't drink a full cup of water everytime as my stomach is not big enough to contain that much of water in one go. If I have a kettle with me, I can have a small portion of water whenever I want. I find this little trick really helps me. 

So far, it is my week 16 update and I hope this helps you mum-to-be out there to prepare for what is coming and thanks for walking through this beautiful yet not easy journey with me. 


  1. Morning sickness sounds horrible, hope it goes away soon!


  2. Ah so interesting learning about all the changes!!! Hope it's all going well for you. So exciting!

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