My Pregnancy Update - 20 weeks

Sorry that I turn this blog into a pregnancy blog. But this is what I am and what my life is about now. I put all my energy and mind into the pregnancy process, absorb as much information as possible about what's good for the baby, how much weight I should gain each month, so and so... Besides, I can't use any fancy made up or skincare. So I am unable to blog about that without trying it. I eat really simple food during the day either, so it is hard for me to create recipe to share. 

However, being pregnancy means going through a completely different path in life. I have many idea on how to survive during this period, skincare wide, gain a lot of knowledge on nutritient, how to tackle difficult situation to deal with the chaning life. I would like to share my experience with you. 

So it's 20 weeks now! Whoop! Whopp! I am half way through. 

Morning Sickness: Thanks God, I'm getting better. No more throw up every night and I can eat properly from around week 16-17. Although I still can't eat too much once at time, but it means the world to me. 

Gaining Weight: Because I don't vomit and can eat more now and Christmas and New Year has just passed. I started to gain weight. After the holiday, I found out I gain 3kg within a month. Although it's not a lot for a 20 weeks pregnancy woman, but I know it's not good to gain more than 2kg within a month, it may affect the blood pressure, insulin level and might cause swollowing of legs. I'm now very cauous on how much I eat each meal, especially Chinese New Year is coming. 

Start to Exercise: According to some pregnancy book, swollowing of legs might start for pregnancy women from 16 weeks onward, gain weight on the belly will burdent the back hurt too. I found it sometimes my back hurts when I walk or stand for too long. So I start to do exercise like Yoga, squart to keep my blood flowing. I especially like sretching my legs in the morning. During this honeymoon period, it is always good to be active.

Sleeping in one side: When I was in week 18-19, I always wakes up at around 3-4am due to my back pain. I found my sleeping position is flat. When I changed to lie in one side, I sleep much comfortably. This may cause by my heavy belly pressuring my spin. Although I don't think sleeping in one side is good for non-pregnancy woman, but this really helps me now. Nothing is more important than having a good sleep and protecting my back at this point.  

Baby moves: From week 19-20, I start to feel my baby moves more frequently, especially after week 20. People always asks me if I feel her kicking me. I can't judge if it is a kick or just a move, either way it's a way she communicate with her and telling me she is here inside my belly. It's sweet to have someone besides me 24/7. 

Belly Shows: Starting from week 19 and after Christmas Eve party (maybe I ate too much), my belly grow significantly. My mum hasn't seen me for few days also think it grows huge suddenly. It reachs the point where people noticed I'm pregnant even I didn't really talk about it. 

Natural birth or C-session: Now that my belly is growing bigger and bigger. It times for me to decide if I should go for natural birth or C-session. My sisters opts for C-session and my birth opt for natural birth. The main concern for me is weather I can endure the turture of natural birth and if I am luckly give birth naturally. I have read alots of article about it and will talk with my doctor to understand more before my final decision. My husband used to opt for natural birth, after he sees me worrying that much about the pain, he thinks it's also fine for me to opt for C-session if natural birth means too much of a pressure for me. He doesn't want this ruined the whole pregnancy process and turn into a nightmare. For me, I still can't decide, I think I can't even in the last minutes. (If there is any mum out there experienced this before, please comment below for your view.) 

Okay, I will stop here as I really can keep talking. Let me leave the rest for the next post.  

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